We accomplish the unimaginable. Because where we seek happiness says who we are!

Who We Are

The Environmental Enthusiasts is a global society of individuals with a focus in spreading the power of compassion, love and benevolence. We intend to travel every corner of this earth and gather as many stories as we possibly can, turning strangers into our family. Together, we strive to strengthen and grow our family as much as we possibly can for the betterment of our health; and for the betterment of our environment. You might not know it yet, but we’re coming for your story: and we intend to change your life as well!

Why our mission Matters

  • Many of us struggle with finding our purpose. Discovering who we truly are and why our spirits were given this gift of life isn’t easy for anyone. Therefore, it is a lot easier to give up on who are and dedicate our lives to fulfilling the purpose of others. We completely break those chains. No longer will you serve the purpose of someone else.  

  • Humans are slowing losing the ability to participate in face-to-face interactions with one another if they do not have to. The advancement of technology has immensely increased our ability to communicate with those around the world; but has decreased the ability to communicate with those right in front of us. 

  •  Everyone needs somebody to lean on. We whole heartedly believe that nothing in this world can be accomplished without the help of others; so connecting with others is the best chance at growth we’ll ever have.


SO what is Our Mission?

Our mission… is to travel the world and change as many lives as we possibly can.