We accomplish the unimaginable. Because where we seek happiness says who we are!

Who We Are

The Environmental Enthusiasts is a global society of individuals with a focus in spreading the power of benevolence, compassion and love. Together we create projects based upon the votes of our members and what we believe desperately needs or immediate attention. It is literally our call to action! We then book our flights and head out on our mission with no hesitation! We strive to strengthen and grow our family as much as we possibly can for the betterment of our health; and for the betterment of our environment. So where to next?

Why our mission Matters

  • Thousands of animals are predicted to go extinct within the next hundred years due to the harm that has been caused to our home planet. 

  • An estimation of 18million acres of forest are destroyed each year, which equals to a total of about 20 football fields per minute. This not only causes our furry friends to lose their homes in the rainforest, but increased the amount of pounds of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. 

  • Humans are slowing losing the ability to participate in face-to-face interactions with one another if they do not have to. The advancement of technology has immensely increased our ability to communicate with those around the world; but has decreased the ability to communicate with those right in front of us. 

  • It has been estimated that within the year 2050, there will be more plastic within our oceans than there are fish that inhabit these areas. 


SO what’s Our Mission?

Our mission… is to turn all of the above listed facts, into false information!