Our Events

The following events are some that we’ve currently been brewing up for you guys; and many we’re so exciting about, we’ve decided to host them annually! Such events include Camping, Hiking, Kayaking, Spiritual Recovery, Winter Warmth Shares, Historic Vibes, Christmas Love Shares and many more! Because we’re so proud of all the hard work you’ve all done throughout the year with us, we’ve happy to show you a great time. Below are some events that will be taking place very soon. Please email us for more details if you seek interest in attending any one of these many events. Thank You!


Winter Warmth Shares

Winter Warmth Shares is our annual gathering event to hand out winter coats, scarfs, mittens, hats and clothing necessary to prepare for the brutal winds of the season. Tap on the learn more button below to find out when and where this is all taking place! Tis’ the season!


Kayaking With Friends

Kayaking With Friends Get ready to “Row Row Row your boat, gently down the stream.” Too much? Well I bet that song’s stuck inside your head now. Our kayaking with friends event is exactly what it sounds like. Come enjoy an afternoon out on a lake with us and forget all of your troubles.


Camping Outdoors

Camping Outdoors Event “Lets gather round the campfire and sing our campfire song… our” Okay, I guess that one was a bit too much haha. At least once per year, we like to get out into the forest and unplugged from all means of technology with our friends and family. There’s no better way of getting to know each other than spending a trip outdoors together.