Andrea Arias


Andrea Arias

Humble Bumble Bee

Hi, I’m Andrea!

I am 18 years old and I’m currently living it up at the hotel California! Just joking, I currently live in Thousand Oaks, California.

  • Im really interested in shark conversation. You know like… Great White Sharks!? I have a passion for traveling, animal activism, veganism, skateboarding, working out at the gym and practicing yoga.

  • My currently struggle is actually trying to find a place to live.

  • Although this may be a very touchy and personal subject, I want to share this with you just incase you’ve experienced a similar devastation. The darkest moment of my life was when I was molested by a family member. I am doing much better now; but that is something I will never forget.

The happiest moments of my life has to be segments of Family Thursdays my family and I would have back in Mexico. Everyone would get together, we’d eat together and at the end of it all… we had sleepovers.

Instagram: @aanddrea_