Sam Padreddii (a.k.a) Solar Sam


Sam Padredddii

(a.k.a) Solar Sam

Hi! I'm Sam! I am 24 years old and grew up split between South Florida and Northern California. Environmentalism and travel are things that matter the most to me, but like most people, music, and yoga make me pretty darn happy as well. 

  • As far as stuff that's happened in my life, let's start with the good. The happiest moment of my life so far couldn't possibly be nailed down to one time. I have worked really hard, and am extremely lucky to have seen so much beauty in the world, and these small moments each fill me up in ways I can't explain. Travel and working in sustainability can sometimes be confrontational and rough, so, when I find myself in moments of beauty and success, there are no words to explain the joy that brings me. 

  • The hardest thing I have gone through is probably the countless times I have moved in my life. Seven moves in 24 years have been exhausting, but each time, I learn so much about myself. I don't think I would have the courage to live the lifestyle I do if I hadn't moved at a young age. Also, special recognition to trying to save the planet, which is constantly being exploited by people who don't care. This is not easy. 

Thank you for listening to my story! I'm so happy to meet you, welcome to my family :) Keep up the good fight!!!!

Instagram: @sampadreddii