Simon Lewis

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Simon Lewis

The Human Super Hero

Hi everyone! My name is Simon Lewis and I am 36 years old. Originally from Tower Hamlets but grew up in Hackney, East London

  • I've always been interested in sports as my academics was never good because I suffered from dyslexia. I was born tongue tied so I had speech problems to start with. My parents found it hard to understand me when I was at a very young age, so my big brother use to help translate what I was saying. I could have went anywhere with sports. At 14 years old I could run 100 meters in 11 seconds flat, and that was with baggy tracksuit and normal trainers. My P.E. teacher always use to say, if we changed my clothes to just shorts and a vest, with the proper foot wear and improve on my technique, we could easily knock off a second and that was an old world record. I also was really good at swimming, I use to swim like a fish, at only 3yrs old I could already swim 10 meters. At 7 I was apart of a really good swimming club and could out swim most adults by the age of 10. I could swim 25 meters in just under 12 seconds. I was naturally good at all sports I did, except football. Martial arts was one of my favorite sports and hobbies to do, I started doing taekwondo at the age of 4 and continued doing various different art throughout my life, and still do. I had my first fight when I was nearly 12 years old, and naturally I was always the best at everything and was used to winning. On the journey up to Birmingham I was bragging about me already winning and with this mind set I was always convinced that I was going to win....but I lost, and not only did I lose, I lost badly because I lost my temper and I walked into everything. I can remember that day like it was yesterday, feeling the pressure of defeat and lose, as I never felt what it was like to lose, I walked out of the complex and walked for 10 minutes and sat near a lake and sulked because of losing. It was there and then, that day, that I said I wasn't going to leave this sport until I beat everyone, until I was world champion. I learn't two really good lessons that day, I learnt failure and if you really want something you got to work for it

In 2000, I went to Florida, to the 2000 US WORLDS OPEN championships and became world champion in the adults section, advance black belts at just turning 18 years old.

  • It was this story that helped me believing the Law of Attraction, that if you put something in your mind and believe it so hard to be true, it will become true. Obviously you have to put in the hard and the termination, going the extra mile, the blood, sweat and tears, the late nights, the early mornings and so on. At 21 I stopped as I felt like there wasn't much more growth within the sport at that time and wanted to get more into business. In my late 20s I took up amateur boxing at a late age and moved up the ranks very quickly, within 2 years I was boxing for the England team and missed out going to the 2012 Olympic games in London and thats where I stopped with my competitive fighting. Now I learn most combat sports when I get the chance.

From a young age I always liked to help other, especially those unfortunate.

  • I think that was because I went to a special school when I was young, because of my speech problems and was always around special need children. I could remember at a young age kids used to verbally bully me, saying things like "Your dumb" or "Your thick, you'll never get anywhere" and it was those words that I used, to help me become the best I could be within myself. My dad always liked history and used to teach me and my brother a lot about it and I can always remember when he said to me about a lot of the great people in history and how most of them had learning difficulties and still became powerful and I think that helped me with my confidence, that I could one day be great just like them myself.

I started my first business at 16 and was still not able to spell or read. At 18 I always knew in would be a business man and I knew if I wanted to be one, I would have to learn how to read, so I did, with the help of a friend mum. I was always starting up news business until one as bored and then jump on to the next one. I was never lack of money but never had a lot of money saved up, as I was always giving it away to everyone close to me.

I was always smart at thinking of ways not having to work hard like everyone else but getting paid more. As the saying goes "Don't work harder, work smarter" was always my thing. Me and one of my best friends at the time started doing rave promotions every weekend. We practically did nothing all week, other than sorting out the DJ line up and just turn on the day and partied all night.

  • It was then i went away for 2 months to St. Lucia, by myself to a close friend of the family house. He was my first mentor and was like my Guardian Angel and always said itll be good for me to travel alone and learn how to survive without anyone around to help me. It was then i discovered the '4 Hour Work Week' way before the book came out!!! I was earning between £1000-£1500 everyweek.

In between this all, I was always learning and educating myself on new, thing in my own time. One day my friend reached out to me and said to watch the video, called 'The Secret' and that's changed my way of thinking. If you looked at my life, you would say i was a positive person but deep down inside, I wasn't, I was very negative in certain areas. I was that guy that use to wake up and think "another fucking day" or "I bet I don't get this", "I bet she says no" and so on. After watching and reading the secret one thing lead to another and another. I was reading or watching all stuff simular to it everyday from 2-4 hours. I got a bit obess with it but I knew it was something I needed.

As time went on, things changed and I started up a security company, something I some times regret. This was my first business Where I was stuck doing something I hated everyday.

  • It really drained me of life and I needed to think of another idea or a plan. I think I stuck to it because everyone else, I had people saying that you are doing so well and this could really grow into something bigger. In which they was most probably right but for that to happen it'll take me to take it there and I had no more enthusiasm for it. It got to the point I just wanted to kill myself, and I knew my life was worth more than this. There are people who would just accept it and say something like "well that's just life" and that wasn't me. I took my mentor advice and planed to go traveling for 6 months in Southeast Asia. It was the best decision I choose to do in years, it taught me things that I could never learn from back, I saw things I only saw on the tv, magazines and books or in visualize in my day dreams. I felt like it was that missing part of the jigsaw i was looking for, for me to continue to the next stage in my life.

The main thing I was looking for, was my purpose in life, yes that big old question!!! I must say i didn't find it, but I was much more closer than I've ever been. I could litually taste it in my mouth but couldn't figure out the flavour. I returned home back to my business, I felt much more better within myself but knew if I do this for to long, the same feelings will return.

  • One of my biggest dreams was to get my parents to retire early and get then to travel the world, like they've always dreamt of. I felt like I owed it to them, after everything they did for me and for what they had to go through, which no parent should experience.

On my return from traveling my mum kept up everything I did from my Instagram, I downloaded on her phone. I proved to my parents and many other people that the world is not what it seems to be, when yiur getting yiur information from the tv or pessimistic people, who has never travelled to these so called bad places, in the world. For years I've tried to get my parents to quite the rat race and just get up and leave. But like everyone else, they was brainwashed with fear and worry of all the if's and but's, that might happen. I was always trying to think of ways to brake this silly ways of thought and then one day I cracked it. There was a video I watched that really hit the spot about life and I also proved the vision that they had in their head, would not play out the way they imagine. After coming to terms with the real reality it was a make or brake decision and I got them where I wanted. We was going away, the whole family, me my parents and my two younger brothers.

As the days approach, the fear in them rose with it. It started exactly the way I thought it would, everybody at each other's necks. I knew, or I hoped that it would die down, with time.

Here I'm just going to jump forward a bit to the main part

  • As we arrived in the Philippines a friend of mine message me and said that if I am in the Philippines I should go and check out this charity, that really needs help, as she knew it would be something I loved to do. I said to my parents that I was going to stay there for a few days and meet them in Vietnam. When I got to the location, it was the biggest shock in my life. I've never seen anything like it with my own eyes, it was a proper shock to my system and I knew there and then that I could not leave this place until I done something about it.

And so there you have it, this is how I got to be where I am now and one of the reasons I'm writing this for you to read.

  • The hardest thing I had to endure was losing my older brother at 16, my brother was just like me but better, he had the biggest heart and always out people before himself. He was murdered from a stabbing and died at the hospital at 19, just when he's life was just going to start. To have a older brother, some you look up too, someone you learn from, someone who will ways have your back taken away from you is always a major lost. For years it affectrd me but i had to hide my pain from everyone around me, especially my parents, because I knew it would hurt them more to see me in pain.

I could go on but I'm sure you get the story. I've had many happiest moments in my life, like when I won the world championships or times I have helped those and see the magnificent affect that it has on their life, is priceless. Where I am now, I feel like it's my happiest moment but this journey has only just began.

I'm all about motivational quotes, I love them so much because they help when I'm trying to change people's mind set.

But if I had to choose one I think it'll be...

"The cave that you fear most, holds the treasure you seek". I think this is so powerful because it so true. Any thing you really want in life will always have fear standing in front of that door, you need to enter.