VJ Belekdanian


VJ Belekdanian

Future Veterinarian

My name is VJ Belekdanian! I’m from NJ, and I’m 22 years old. I love watching nature documentaries and reading books on zoology and paleontology.

  • The hardest thing I’ve ever been through was working towards getting into vet school. The waiting period after I had applied was pretty long and taking classes like Organic Chemistry, Biology, General Chemistry and so on. The classes were really hard because that was one aspect that vet schools really focus on. Grades usually are intended to be the most important thing. Being a pre vet major, it’s pretty hard to get great grades for vet school, so i always had that pressure of having to do well in each of my courses.

  • The happiest moment of my life had to be the day I actually got in! I was ecstatic and beyond belief! I felt like I had accomplished the biggest goal in my life so far. I’ve had a passion for learning about animals my entire life; as well as learning about better ways to protect wild species from human interactions. The day I got into vet school, I was ecstatic because at that moment I saw all my possibilities open up to me. It was like I know had a chance to fulfill my dreams in caring for domestic and wild animals.

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