Destiny Konieczny

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Destiny Konieczny

Animal Educator

Hey guys, my name is Destiny! I am 21, born and raised in the state of Indiana. Once I turned 18 I moved to the east coast. Connecticut! 

  • Interests: I have this weird obsession with art, I am not good at drawing or painting but I really admire other people’s work. I also love caring for animals and just being around them brings me so much joy! Yes I may be a crazy old lady with a bunch of animals! As of now I have 2 cats 3 bunnies 2 bearded dragons & 2 betta fish! I also love horse back riding but since I moved to Ct I don’t get to ride anymore because it is so much money here. 

  • Struggles: I would have to say right now the hardest thing I am dealing with is my emotions. I am a very sensitive person, especially in my intimate relationships. I take everything very personal, and am working on telling myself I am being the best me! 

  • Hardest thing I’ve been through: 2016 had to be one of the worst years of my life. A lot happened in 1 month, I lost my papa, my uncle, the doggy daycare I worked at I had found my favorite dog dead in her bed, and I was having relationship issues. The hardest thing about all of this was my uncle passing. He had taken his own life; this just had me lost for words. He was like a father to me, the jokester in the family! Him passing isn’t the hardest part about it, I think not understanding why & not being there for his service has made me suppress the fact that he is actually gone. I miss him so much but still haven’t accepted he isn’t here with us. 

The happiest time of my life would have to be when I was in high school, ya I know what you are thinking so corny right?! Haha Well the reason is because my sister is my best friend & her and I would be together everyday because neither of us were in relationships yet. We would do the most random fun things together, horseback riding, Dairy Queen after school everyday, yes I gained about 20lbs lol. Singing in the car on a country road until we couldn’t sing anymore. Right now the happiest thing I am doing would have to be going to farms and sanctuaries! Animals are the best therapy to me. I not only go there to be around them, but to educate people on social media around the world about the species and their care! 

No matter what you are going through just know it doesn’t last for ever, you CAN & WILL get through it & someone loves you, I LOVE YOU!!! Do what you love & don’t let anyone tell you what you want to do isn’t good enough. Love every day like it is your last. 

Instagram: @kaylasencounters