Crystal Medina


Crystal Medina

Strongest Woman Alive

Hi, my name is Crystal Medina, I currently live in the state of Connecticut and I am 19 years old. I’m currently studying computer information in college. I’ve always be interested computers since a very young age. I love spending time with my family and making them happy.

  • I have a twin named Carlos and I was born with a disability that has prevented me from being able to walk since birth. Sometimes it hurts me because a lot of people just walk right past me and stare at me instead of just asking me what happened to me, asking me why I’m in a wheelchair. I had multiple surgeries in almost spot on my body you could possibly think about. It makes me sad and often times I wish I wasn’t different.

  • Everyday that I wake up I thank God for waking me as I know he has a purpose for me. I want whoever is reading to never be scared to accomplish anything as sometimes I feel as if what’s the point.

    Sometimes I wonder if I should just end it all. Then I realize I was given the gift of another chance at life waking up today. I know God is with me through it all so I can’t give up!

And you won’t either. You got this!

Instagram: @crystal_sweetheart