Adriana Hernandez


Adriana Hernandez

Phenomenal Artist

Hey I'm Adriana! I'm 22, and I live in Indiana. The most boring place in the world. But when I find something to do besides sleep the day away, it's usually painting or drawing, listening to music, doing some sort of yoga, or taking a little drive somewhere to relax or check out new places. I also enjoy birding which sounds kind of lame, but it's always exciting for me to add another one to my list.

  • Life hasn't been the worst to me, but I know I've experienced some harsh situations in my life. The harshest I would have to say is having an unexpected miscarriage in 2017 when both the father and I were preparing and getting really excited about it. The fact that I did all of my research to make sure I ate right and did the all right things, we were already planning ahead, we told our families is what really hurts. Then one day I went to the doctor… and they couldn't find a heartbeat. It broke my heart and I'm still trying to heal from it today. I've only allowed myself to hold a baby once since then and that's been as of recent.

  • But life still hasn't been horrible, I can think of the best times of my life. I would have to say the best would be going to Colorado the summer I found out I was pregnant, but right before. Ironic right? Being away from everyone and just being with the love of my life on a road trip was awesome and it was so much fun. Colorado has awesome views, I would love to go back one day or on another road trip at all. The hiking was the best and the weather was perfect, much better than Indiana haha.

I know that was probably a bit to read, but I'm not ashamed of my story and where I come from, what I've been through. Neither should you. Everything you go through allows you to grow if you let it. At the moment it may seem like the end of the world, but give it time and you'll see how much better you can take life on now that you've experienced things. Go out, see the world, enjoy your life the best you can, take each lemon life throws at you head on!