The power of Compassion, Love and Benevolence.


Get ready to Explore, Travel and Save The Planet! The Environmental Enthusiasts are devoted to bringing the community closer together than ever before! By gathering the stories of others, sharing moments and turning strangers into family, we’ve grown to become the change we’ve been seeking to see in the world. So what are you waiting for? Turn your dreams into reality and find out how you can join us today!


Ready Set Travel

We’ve made it possible to gather together as family and save our home planet, while exploring every inch of it’s beauty! Come travel the world with us and see how you can make a change in the community… and in someone’s life forever!

Our Events

Our events is the heart of who The Environmental Enthusiasts actually are. With new and improved ways to enrich the lives of those who mean the world to us, we’d love to celebrate all the great work you’ve done by showing you all a great time!

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As our leader, Mac always says “It’s time to put that emotion where your heart is!” Our projects gives you the ability to do just that! It’s time to stop wishing for someone to make a difference; and become the difference. See what’s going down in 2019!



100% of your generous donations will be going toward planting trees, future projects, organized events and will be given to another organization to fund their causes as well!