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The Environmental Enthusiasts is a global society of individuals with a focus in spreading the power of compassion, love and benevolence. We intend to travel every corner of this earth and gather as many stories as we possibly can, turning complete strangers into our family. Together, we strive to strengthen and grow our family as much as we possibly can for the betterment of our health; and for the betterment of our environment. You might not know it yet, but we’re coming for your story as well; and we intend to flip your entire life upside down in a way you’d never image!



team meetings

Outreach: Amsterdam, Netherlands 3:00pm (April 2, 2019)

Outreach: London, United Kingdom 4:00pm (April 5, 2019)

Outreach: New Hampshire, usa (Coming Soon)

Outreach: California, USA (Coming Soon)

Outreach: Maine, usa (coming soon)